Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #9

... or, to my Quaker readers, Weekly Fourth Day

Weekly Images:
I thought having skunks in my backyard was pretty bad...

Weekly Link:
Vaccines do not cause autism

Weekly Addictive Flash Game I have finished:

Weekly Addictive Flash Game in which I am stuck on level 17 and want to rip out my hair in frustration over but only after ONE... MORE... ATTEMPT...

Weekly Workplace:
I had to change my password this week. They force you to do so every three months. I can't believe I've been here three months. That means there are four more password changes to go...

Weekly WTF:
Seriously, it can't be that important to beat Pa-Doink, can it? I bet the designer doesn't even have levels 18-20, just a message saying "Um, sorry, no levels here, I don't know how you got this message because I made it physically impossible to avoid that last spiky ball monster." But seriously I think you can just launch from the water and if you time it right.... augh...

1 comment:

JennyB said...

I just played pa-doink... and I like it! although i'm only at level 2.

Great, just what I need - another distraction at work! ;)