Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Scenes from a Wedding part 2

The ceremony was long. And in French. So needless to say, I looked around at the church's architecture, thinking hey, I totally modelled buttresses like that in Maya in my 3D classes... also, I tried to figure out the large mural which sat at the front of the church.

Jesus was front and centre, arms upraised. Dozens of circles of varying sizes and designs were in spread across the canvas to the left and right of him. I wondered what the circles represented, as there were no two alike.

Hey, wait a minute... I leaned over to Lara and whispered "Right by Jesus' right elbow - isn't that the symbol for the Eye of Jupiter from Battlestar Galactica?"

Soon my eyes located another familiarity. The concentric circles near the other elbow: "Hey, if the middle circle was squished, that's the eye of Sauron!"

At the far right was a circle with a curving crisscross pattern, causing the illusion that it was spherical. There was a circle in the upper left hemisphere... okay, really now, did the artists draw a Death Star on purpose?

I hope they show up well in the photos...

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Enchante said...

perhaps the battlestar galactica/LOTR/star wars universes are colliding and soon we will not know who the 'real' good and bad guys are because there will be a parallel legolas and a parallel sith. Then a big giant monster called anti-monitor will try to destroy the other universes and then the monitor recruits other....

wait... a sec....I think thats been done before...DAMMIT!