Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cute is top of the checklist for them you know.

So my mother was watching Kiernan yesterday, and they were walking through the nearby mall, one which I spent many a year working at, one which is most convenient to the neighbourhood elderly... needless to say if you ever need to sit down somewhere, good luck finding a spot where no one is complaining about kids these days and how good things used to be back in the Depression. All they need is a chess set or backgammon board set up and it would be straight out of a clichéed movie scene.

Anyhow, mall, lots of old people, my mother walking hand in hand with my 20 month old son.

Enter four foot tall lady, who pipes up "You hold onto his hand tightly now!"

My mother, probably holding back a roll of her eyes (I come by it honestly) says "Oh, I will!" as the lady hobbles by.

Lady pauses and glares back. "It's not safe, you know... with the GAYS..."

My mom: "..."

Old lady, sizing up my son (who is probably half her size) continues, "... and he's a cute one!"


Surfer Jay said...

Oh thats rich. Never can be to cautious of them gays huh! Just might snatch em right out of your hand.

Enchante said...

Yes those gay's are everywhere. I heard they are going to take over every good nightclub there is within 2 years!