Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #11

... better late than Wednesday (also better short than ... uh... lengthy) ...

Weekly Image:

Weekly Link involving a Canadian:
Someday maybe my kid will be an environmental genius like this. (No pressure)

Weekly Workplace:
Um, what's a straw dog and how do I build one...?

Weekly WTF: (warning, may cause anger)
Teacher lets students vote out classmate, 5


Lara said...

It does cause anger and lots of WTFs. Seriously. man. grr.

Anonymous said...

That is such an abuse of power, it's kind of despicable. Where is the patience, understanding, compassion, etc that are (in my opinion) requirements for teachers? I feel sad for the little boy, but even more I feel sad for the classmates who are burdened with a teacher who is clearly not teaching them the right things.

Enchante said...

Wasn't it said that 40% of American's can't locate the USA on a map? And remember the blonde that "tried" to talk about it on Miss USA or something and went off on a tangent about South Africa and Iraq...

Someone has to be teaching them to be idiots. Looks like we found one of those teachers.

Unless the principal at that school has his/her hands completely tied, hopefully they will serve up some royal justice.