Monday, May 12, 2008

She would have fit, honestly.

Kiernan slid down the slide, then ran around to walk up the stairs of the tiny playground play structure, refusing steadfastly to let go of the piece of (now quite gritty) fruit leather in order to to get a better handhold of the railing.

Lara remarked how there weren't any benches at this tiny park area. I suggested we drag the decrepit fungi-coated bench from our front lawn to the park and see how long it took anyone to notice it didn't belong. Lara decided instead to perch three feet above the ground upon the monkey bar ladder arching from the side of the slide. I took a seat on the arch on the other side.

"This is much less comfortable than I thought it would be."
"You thought this would be comfortable?"
"Well, it used to be."
"What, when you were twelve?"
"I may need your help getting down from here"
I walked around to stand beside her.
"Do you think I can just slide down between the bars?"
"No, I just wanted to see you try."

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Anonymous said...

Humour at your wife's expense. Nice!