Monday, May 19, 2008

Blogger versus skunk: CONCLUSION

So, the radio blared talk radio at the skunks for about a week, and still I hadn't found a source of free fill to shove under the shed. But common sense (aka Lara concerned about the electricity that the super powerful $18 Funysonic radio was draining) prevailed and I shut it off.

I found a bag of potting soil inside the shed, but it was not enough. I found some old pot plants full of soil, shoved it under, but it was not enough.

It was then that I realized that we have had a compost bin that for two years, and we have two or three garden plots which have become overrun by grass, weeds, and extra-tenacious perennials which are likely never to need the extra-rich soil. So under it went. Still, it was not enough.

After three or so more weeks passing, the shed seems uninhabited, which is good. I'm thinking it's not getting any new residents because the news spread throughout the local animal populace about the infamy of Stuart McLean... if only the sound waves caused by his voice countered the (slightly faded) skunky smells... or maybe it did, but Lara made me turn it off.

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