Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #10

Weekly Image:
This is hilarious, yet possibly over the heads of some of my readers.

Weekly Link:
I can see why the most popular entry in NASA's Create the Future Design Contest is a glowing light source that lasts fifteen years rather than the normal few hours of a glowstick... Hello, energy costs? These need to hit the shelves asap.

Weekly Video:
The time and effort it must have taken to make Muto deserves high respect.

Weekly Song I've never heard in full because I change the radio station after hearing the opening line:
"No One" by Alicia Keys. Seriously. Did she actually make a conscious decision to crack her voice like she was on a crying jag? Also, on the same topic, "Crank That" by Soulja Boy. Really? Who likes that song enough to sell enough albums to hit the Top 40? I don't need to listen to the whole song, because it's the same thing over and over. I blame the kids. Damn kids.

Weekly Workplace:
I trained two new people in the use of the complex business management software we use here and they LOVED it. This leads me to believe that I'm either good at teaching others, or that I forgot to pass on the crucial details that tend to confuse everyone else.

Weekly Weirdness:
Apparently Kiernan's friend at daycare was also up multiple times Monday night between 1 and 3am. There was a full moon that night. I know he loves pointing at the moon (and can apparently see it when it's hidden by clouds -- then again he also points at the sky sometimes and says "BLUE frog! RIDDIT RIDDIT!") , so maybe he's a little lunatic child.


um, because the moon is luna in Latin, not because he sees imaginary frogs.


Lida said...

I got the cartoon if you were referring to me.
You are a very good teacher. Although you must have controlled your eye rolling in front of the new people ;)
Nice catch at the end.

Enchante said...

referring to 8's imaginary friend comic.

It really is funny, when you really LOL in real life when there is no one else around.