Friday, May 9, 2008

Dr. McDrama to O.R.2, STAT!

Working in a hospital (or a wing attached to a hospital, whatever) reminds me daily that it's exactly like working episodes of Grey's Anatomy.

I can't walk down the hallways without seeing attractive doctors in dramatic exchanges about life and death and love (with everyone sitting in the waiting room nearby not seeming to notice this is going on, of course, despite the high volume level of the speeches). Today there was repeated announcements over the PA of a Code Red (fire) in an O.R., and how the elevators should be avoided. I couldn't help thinking that there were two interns someone was ironically quipping that the fire was in the elevator they were currently having an illicit makeout session in.

I haven't heard anyone being called McDreamy or McSteamy (or Burke, surprisingly enough), but since I'm in the 5% minority of males in my workplace, that just means chances are high that it's me.

Why else would the ladies stop talking when I walk in the lunch room? I mean, other than the fact that yesterday the words uttered as I opened the door were "bikini line electrolysis"...

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