Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #40

Weekly Link:
You can tell by the comments that no one realized "37% of Americans Unable to Locate America on Map of America" was a satirical article. This is likely why the Editor's Note at the top of this article was tacked on since I first read it on Monday. I'm sure people will ignore the note and 37% of readers will continue to think it's true.

Weekly Drum Song:
The mix CD we created as wedding favours found its way into the CD player, and Kiernan seems to want to only rotate through between three songs: "Iloveyou Iloveyou song!", "Anudder wide dash song!", and "Boom Boom Boom song!". I can convince him to listen to this song only when he specifically requests the "Trumpet song":

Weekly Twins:
When Kiernan was in the womb, occasionally Lara would pause in mid-sentence and say "I think the baby just moved." This time we have a more accurate measure of movement when she instantly arches her back, yelps in surprise, and almost falls off the couch. This from two babies 4.5 inches long so far - can't wait until they're bigger!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Treats in the kitchen!

My workplace tends to have a plateful of treats, a bowlful of popcorn, or fresh baked brie (What, doesn't everyone's office have an oven in the kitchen?) in the kitchen at least once or twice a week. Today we have all three of the above-listed at once. I'm wandering up every so often to help the reduce the temptation for the ladies complaining about holiday dieting.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Six months until three kids under three...

I've been told that the jump from having one child to having two children is about the same as a jump from one to two hundred. From two to three, however, is apparently not as tough. So we're just skipping the big jump and going straight to three kids - smooth sailing all the way, right?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #39

Weekly Link: needs to work on their giftwrapping logic...

Weekly Image:

When we get a bigger house I definitely want one of these...(from Book Patrol)

Weekly Drum Song:
I haven't had the time to rifle through my CDs for a new selection, but when "Virtual Insanity" by Jamiroquai came on the radio Kiernan announced "OHHHHHHHH! I LIKE DIS SONG DADDY!" ... Between Lara and I, I don't think this falls into either of our tastes in music.

Weekly Workplace:
We got a gift basket from a partner company this week - between the time the email was posted announcing the treats in the kitchen and the time I moseyed up there (about 5 minutes) all of the Jack Daniels filled chocolates were gone. It was not that a small bag.

Also in the basket was flavoured coffee, which was brewed this morning... I poured some into my cup and added some cream and thought "I usually put cream in my cup first, so I can't remember -- Cream rises to the top, sure, but does it usually just sit there like that?" Have I mentioned I'm a coffee drinker amongst tea drinkers? I guess someone didn't realize coffee was supposed to be so... thick.... It even took a while going down the drain after I took a taste.

Weekly WTF:
On the radio this morning there was an addendum to the traffic news: "... and we just got a call regarding an accident on Lawn at Ancaster." Okay, hold up, what? Where?

You see, that's the neighbourhood I grew up in, near where my parents still live. The intersection in question is a residential area, removed from major roads by at least two sidestreets. Did someone involved call it in? Did someone look out their front window and say "Gee, I'd better let the radio stations know about this so people can plan alternate routes!"
Thanks to you, intrepid listener, I'm sure traffic-paralyzing gridlock was avoided entirely, and you got to tell everyone "My accident report made it on the radio!"

Monday, December 8, 2008

"I'm. Gonna. KILL you!"

Dinner was later than normal, the pork roast taking forever to cook, and Kiernan was getting antsy, even refusing to be stuffed with fried potatoes. The statement was made to no one in particular, and he continued babbling on about unrelated topics. Lara and I exchanged glances and then quietly discussed whether or not he knew what he was saying. Maybe it was another gibberish statement that sounded coincidentally like real words? Yeah, that's it.

Of course, then he repeated a few times the next day in the store. We sat him down, looked him in the eye and said that was not a nice thing to say. Try explaining that to a two year old and see how far that gets you.

We went to a restaurant, which had an aquarium up front that was good for walking to to look at when Kiernan got impatient with sitting at a table. First thing he said was "Ooh! That big fish is gonna kill me!" We sat him down and explained to him that A) no one is going to kill him and B) seriously, stop using that verb. He must have gotten half of that because the next visits to the tank involved the phrase "Big fish isn't gonna kill me Daddy!"

We haven't watch any TV but Treehouse in the past two years, so unless Toupy and Binou have been going all Reservoir Dogs when I'm not in the room, it's likely that this phrase has been picked up from the older kids at daycare. I'll show THEM killing*.

* ironic joke.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #38

Weekly Link:
10 Jobs You Didn’t Hear About On Career Day - Some people have been inferring my job must be #4, but they should read the description to see the differences.

Weekly Image:
You know the scene in Princess Bride, where Fezzik is climbing the cliffs of insanity with a harness designed to carry three people around his body? I'm going to need one of those.

"1 giant dude to carry babies around for us." has been added to my xmas list.

Weekly Kiernan:
Last week I stopped to get a haircut before going to Grammie's where Kiernan was spending the day. I entered the house and heard Kiernan excitedly go "Who's that?"
My mother replied "Go see!"
Before coming around the corner, Kiernan yelled "Daddydaddydaddy!" and upon seeing me, his eyes went wide: "Who's that?!?" He did the best double-take ever and then realized, "Daddy!"
This evening, I walked in the same door and he ran up and yelled "Where's daddy's hair go?!"

Weekly 'Nother Drum Song:
Mommy tried introducing alternatives to drum songs in the car. First she went Celtic with "fiddle songs" by Leahy. Then she put in random unlabeled CD #17, which turned out to be a collection of songs from Gilbert and Sullivan musicals. The latter CD was amusing to me only because Kiernan seemed to enjoy it, but Lara got sick of each song about a minute in and hit fast-forward. After a weekend of such music, I had to counter with my ultimate in driving music, (which Kiernan enjoyed thoroughly): theSTART.

Weekly Twins:
Because there aren't twins in either side of our family, the term for our situation is "spontaneous twins". It's almost like I had nothing to do with it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's (dream) official!

Last night I dreamt we were introducing Kiernan to his new baby sisters, which means we'll be having boys.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Two weeks ago, my mind was running through worst-case scenarios (thanks dad!) of having two kids rooms side by side. What if one child wakes up the other? Well, that's easy, Lara would likely go to the baby for feeding time, and I'd comfort Kiernan. Hurray!

Of course, with twins, I'm not quite sure how things will go... yesterday Kiernan slept through the vacuum cleaner roaring away, so perhaps he'd sleep through the wailing of twins... then again last night he woke up twice for no logical reason - would he be able to fall back asleep if he wakes the babies?

Another thing that has changed dramatically due to the new twinformation is our car. Back at the start of the year we decided to get a second car, but minivans proved to be higher priced than we were willing to pay. Enter the Mazda 5 - seats six semi-comfortably, and the backmost seats fold down for trunk space. Of course, there's no bench seating, so you can't squeeze three car seats across the width of the car. Fine, I thought, Kiernan can fit in the backmost seat, he'd probably think that was fun... Shopping for strollers last week, we realized that having him in the back cuts our trunk space in half, and fitting three kids plus strollers plus bags plus groceries? Not going to happen.

We're gonna need a bigger vehicle. Especially since we'll need to transport a caffeine IV drip system.