Thursday, March 6, 2008

You've heard the story before...

Two young parents are having trouble conceiving. Years of trying pass to no avail. They finally decide to adopt.

Their new baby daughter is a joy! As she grows she has a positive outlook on life, is very chatty, and very outgoing. In no time at all, the parents are pleased to see they've raised the girl into an adventurous and intelligent seven year old.

Then it happens.

What? Pregnant? But how? Oh, no matter, this is wonderful! A gift!

Nine months fly (and often drag, you know how it is) by, but their daughter can hardly wait to be a big sister!

The big day finally arrives, and...


That's right, a little brother AND a little sister...

From the start the couple start to worry... they've raised their daughter as their own, and it was never quite the time to mention the adoption... we'll wait another year, they discussed again and again, but now looking at their two little bundles of joy they know it is imminent:

The neighbours will gossip about how different their three children look.

The kids at school will suddenly notice how their eldest doesn't quite (or truly not much at all!) look like her siblings.

She'll be shunned.


Her parents start dreading the years ahead: the revelation, the tears, the hurt screams of "NO! You're not my REAL parents!"...

She's sure to run away, likely more than once... packing her things in her backpack, trying to following her little map to some mansion or castle or fantasy world, asking strangers "Do you know where my biological parents live?".

Then she'll get all gloomy... out will come the black makeup and darke poetry.

She'll start hanging out with the wrong crowd... that harmless monkey friend will be dropped like a hot potato, soon replaced by the kleptomaniacal fox.

Dora's life is ruined!

¡Su vida está arruinada!

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Lara said...

Except for the bit about how I didn't know about dora's twin siblings (you pay WAAYY more attention to the tv when it's on than I do) this was a super clever story :)