Sunday, March 16, 2008

My goal: the funny

So I finish typing the blog post into my laptop last night, publish it, and immediately say "Okay, I think it sucks but it's online - go read it."

So Lara navigates over to the site on her laptop and -

What's that you say? Two laptops? Yes, two laptops. We're the ultimate modern family, we are - I've got my slick black HP over here on the love seat, she's set up on the couch six feet away typing away on her silvery Epson. In between us on the floor sits our lovely 18 month old staring blankly at his Go Diego Go DVD looping on TV as he chews idly on an empty chocolate bar wrapper.

I joke.

I mean, really, I can't even see what he's got there. I send a nudge on MSN to Lara and type "Is that a piece of garbage?" and she's glances over and types back "*shrug*". I tap in "Edamame pod maybe?" and she sends back that dancing pig animation and then goes into "Busy" mode as she starts playing Luxor.

Anyway, the blog post passes the test in my mind, as a few seconds into it she's laughing so hard she's having trouble getting to the next line. This is also because I'm continually asking which part she's currently laughing at, but anyhow. Really, if she doesn't laugh, I'm obviously not up to my full potential.

That's what I love about her - our sense of humour is similar (except when it comes to Vinyl Cafe, but honestly I think she laughed maybe twice on the drive this weekend - so there's hope) . One time we were at a restaurant with a group of friends, and one girl says "Lately it seems all the movies we've been renting have been INCREDIBLY dark."

So I lean over and say matter-of-factly "Oh, there's this little knob -" I mime a slow, clockwise twist. "- labeled CONTRAST. You just need to craaaank that sucker up."

I swear, there was an audible little wet shlucking noise as a half dozen pair of eyes rolled back in our friends' skulls. That, to me, deserved a little pat on the back - go me! I have amused myself and thus I am satisfied!

I notice motion to my right, and there's Lara sitting across from me, halfway to falling off her chair, tears rolling down her face, silently apoplectic in mirth.

She gets me. That is why she is amazing.

So no dear, you don't have to worry that all my blog posts are going to be making fun of you.


Anonymous said...

Jason makes me laugh all the time. I remember after my ex and I got divorced, the girls and I had a conversation wherein I said that I would like to find a man like Eric. I mean, not that I want Lara's man, but that I want a man who fits me the way Eric fits Lara. And I found him. So yay me. And also, thanks for being my "boyfriend" role model, Eric.

(slightly) less cynical said...

That's just what I want - to be the standard to which all our friends' judge their boyfriends/husbands. "Eric does THIS for Lara. Why can't you be more like Eric?"

Anonymous said...

You may have missed the point, if ever so slightly. But, sort of like that.

Lara said...

No making us seem like neglectful parents just to make a funny.... and mine's an acer not an epson. duh.

Nuzzy said...

1. How did you know which game she was playing? Oh wait. You were in the same room. ;)
2. They make laptops for kids now. Doh!