Thursday, March 20, 2008

Treehouse... EXPLAIN!

Okay Treehouse TV. Every Sunday one can watch 6 back to back episodes of Max and Ruby, episodes of which have been voted as favourites online, should they choose to, or should they have a brain dysfunction.

Why. Why do you do this?

First off, the show sucks. I know it sucks. My sister knows it sucks. We've got good judgement (except she likes Miss Spider, wtf?) so others must know it sucks.

Rogers television knows it sucks. Know how I know this? Max and Ruby is available on Rogers on Demand.


So explain to me what genius came up with this idea: "I know - people are sick of navigating to the episodes on their TV whenever they want to, so let's have them to use the internet to click which episodes they want to see, only -- get this -- at a time of OUR choosing!"

"Eric!" you say, "Max and Ruby are bunnies! It's an Easter Thing!"
to which I say "Miffy is too. Where's the Miffathon? I haven't even seen an episode of My Friend Rabbit, but I'd prefer watch its commercial over and over, bust my buttons and stop my heart!"

"Eric!" you exclaim, "It's only an hour of short Max and Ruby episodes!"
to which I scoff "An hour on Sunday. Between 11 and noon. That's a black hole of television programming that studios have never been able to escape. Just try and find something in that time slot... other than Max and freakin' Ruby."


Lida said...

Yes, add me to the people who think Max and Ruby suck big time!

JennyB said...

Umm.. we like Mac & Oobie. well, Ryan does. And I like that he sits still for more than 12 seconds. And I'm with your sis on Miss Spider - the theme is awesome! ;)

Sister Egg Head said...

1) I have a problem with mom saying things like "suck big time". Such strong words to use when referring to orphan bunnies.
2) Miss Spider rocks, if only for the singing, the very un-Sex and the City voice of Kristen Davis as Miss Spider, and the irony of an evidently seedarian spider family adopting various insects.
3) I'm a she, not a seh. I was very confused for a while and tried to figure out what "s-e-h" meant. "Sister Ever Hated"?, "She Eats Hats?" "Sister egg head"? The possibilities were endless and frightening.

Nuzzy said...

Welcome to blog world! Daddy power!
And, you enabled comments right from the beginning instead of waiting for one of your blog fans to twist your arm (yes i'm talking about your other half ;).

Yes Max and Ruby sucks. Although you should have said "Eric! Isn't Max and Ruby intended for kids to enjoy and not adults!" hehe.

Oh, Miffy IS a cooler bunny, that is also true.

Lastly, I think Rogers has Berenstein Bears On Demand for free as well. Are you thus suggesting THAT show sucks too? The Bears rock!!