Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #2

(because Weekly WTF would imply I was aghast at everything below)

Weekly Link:
The Expanding Earth Theory. Now, I'm not a science student by far, so I can't argue for or against this, nor do I have the time to research this further right now - I just think the video and idea is pretty cool. The guy who came up with this is Neal Adams, a famous comic book artist, not a scientist, and you know about those crazy comic book artists...

Weekly Image:

Weekly Workplace
It should be noted that my job is awesome so far, so this space isn't for venting. Last week wasn't frustration, I just realized how little red tape I've had to deal with in the past and I'll just have to get used to it. So don't come looking here for gossip about my coworkers with fake names and funny descriptions. Even though nothing could possibly go wrong doing that.

Weekly Meme: Album cover

(source 1/source 2/source 3)

Weekly WTF:
"Did you punch me in the face last night in your sleep?"
"Not to my knowledge, no."
Because, really, for the past two days my nose has feels like it's been bopped one. Not in a painful way, more an annoying numbness across the bridge, sort of like the initial stages of nitrous oxide in the dentist's chair. It's probably a cold that will blow up into a full-on flu as I board the plan to Toronto tomorrow morning. Either that or nose cancer.


Lara said...

Most likely nose cancer ;)

That album cover is the best one I've seen so far!

She's Even Hotter said...

It's a tumour for sure. Will me your Wii please.

Lida said...

I'd go with the nose are your father's son after all ;)