Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Weekly Wednesday

(as opposed to those other Wednesdays)

Weekly Link:
For those (including my wife and the writers of last Saturday morning's space episode of Dora the Explorer) who didn't realize we're IN the Milky Way Galaxy: Ten things you don't know about the Milky Way Galaxy

Weekly Image: (from

Weekly Workplace:
I have been bringing a new flavoured coffee to work. Every day this week I've heard someone different say "Mm, something smells like maple!" "Uh, yes, it's Vanilla Biscotti Coffee." "Smells great! MMm maple!" "..."

Weekly Meme:
* Band name from the title of a random Wikipedia page.
* Album name from the last four or five words of the last quote on this page.
* Album cover from the third picture on the last seven days on Flickr.

(source 1/source 2/source 3)

Weekly WTF:
The amount of red tape one must go through to get a single web page updated at my new job is amazing... three people left a month ago, so I updated the contact page for review ('vetted' is #1 most used word around here... everyone needs to vet everything... vet vet vet)... two weeks ago it was decided that the page needs to be restructured, and an interim page needs to be put up, stat! Now I need to wait until content of the interim page is decided upon... then it will have to be v-worded... don't get me started on the e-bulletin that needs to be sent out yesterday tomorrow first thing Tuesday morning.


Lara said...

Hehe, that album cover is great!

I like this weekly wednesday thing! :)

Nuzzy said...

Hey - you should call it "WTF Wednesday" !!