Sunday, March 30, 2008

Locals will get this. Sorry everyone else.

Walk into any suburban Tim Hortons and look around - you can see a microcosm of the local community.

However, if this community is reached only by driving down one of a few long empty roads, it doesn't matter how many fancy housing developments you've crammed in there, your Tim Hortons still seem to be full of small-town yokels you'd normally see in Renfrew or Almonte.

Barrhaven, I'm talking about you.

While in line yesterday picking up coffees, the trucker hat wearing pair behind me had the following conversation after noticing the flatscreen TV displaying the video slideshow up alongside the menus:

"That there's a computer built right into a monitor they got going."
"Yeeup. It's a Mac."


Lara said...

ha ha. did he have that conversation with himself? ;)

Anonymous said...

He DID specify "trucker hat wearing PAIR."

Lida said...

The scariest Timmies has to be in Pembroke though. It's filled with people with "summer teeth"!
I have to add though that first impressions aside they were very friendly.

lindsay said...

Actually the entire city of Pembroke is filled with people with "summer teeth".
Now, if I live outside of a town outside of Renfrew, what does that make me? Am I even allowed in one of the prestigious Ottawa Timmies?

(slightly) less cynical said...

Lindsay - You're not banned from entering a Timmies outside your area (which counts as pretty much any Timmies, country girl), you're just not local to the system. There's a margin of error which takes into account any non-locals or "tourists" to the microcosm. Hey, shouldn't you know all this, Gifty McGiftedSchooler? I mean, come on now, common sense.