Sunday, March 16, 2008

plinkyplink plinkplink dooDoo doodoo...

"Okay, I bought some songs - how do you burn a CD in iTunes?"
"How many songs?" I ask.
"Okay, really? Because if you're burning this CD simply because you wanted to burn a CD for the drive to Montreal, I don't think it's going fill the two and a half hours very well with -- how long is it?"
"12.8 minutes."
"Yeah. No. That - on repeat - will KILL me."
"I'll fill the rest with podcasts - you were going to sleep on the way anyhow."

Fine, she got me there. So I showed her how to burn five songs of music followed by seventeen hours of "Vinyl Cafe" squeezed into the 68 minutes and 12 seconds of space left on the CD. No, really, Stuart McLean's voice resonates at a frequency which warps the space-time continuum of digital media recording. And, for the record, keeps me awake.

So, in the car we get, and as the CD slides in I inquire "What's the first song?"
"Ducks in a Row" for Kiernan.
Alright, that's fine, the song is already permanently stuck in my head from watching the Flash Video with Kiernan so it's no big deal.
The familiar plinking tune begins...
"I bought the Sing-along Remix, so I'm wondering what that is."
... and continues ...
"Um." I interject, "karaoke, perhaps?"
"Uh, yeah, the singing usually has started by now."
... plinky plink plinka, plink plink ploo..
"No!" the realization dawns in her voice.
"QUACK QUACK!" the backup singers belt out. "QUACK QUACK!"
"You didn't preview the song before buying?"

She hits fast forward, which will become a common theme. That means there is two minutes and 31 seconds less music to fill the drive.

The second song was They Might Be Giants "Never go to work", also for Kiernan, and the third was "Mr. Pitiful" by Matt Costa for both Kiernan and Lara. Both are tolerable. The next two songs were also Matt Costa, which were unbelievably far from my taste in music. Oh, and the TMBG and Mr. Pitiful songs - CATCHY. AS. HELL. So guess what's still looping in my mind RIGHT NOW?

That's right - The sound of my voice screaming "When you exaggerate for humour's sake, Stuart McLean, make sure the exaggeration is actually funny in the first place!"


Lara said...

who the heck wants a karaoke version of ducks in a row??? I knew I liked the song, I didn't think I needed to preview it *sigh*

Lida said...

Hey, it's not like you don't know the words anyway!