Thursday, March 13, 2008

Well, she dared me...

A conversation through a series of emails...

Her: write me an email telling me that you're not going to start a blog
Me : Why would I write an email about that?
Her: cuz you aren't going to write a blog I dont think
Me : So you require an email from me to confirm this?
Her: essentially i'm saying, just admit it, and i'll leave you alone ;)
Me : I admit nothing! :)
Her: sigh
Me : I wouldn't want to lie, y'know.
Her: you just want to let me get my hopes up to keep shattering them over and over again ;)
Me : I do this often, do I?
Her: only when you want to annoy me ;)
Me : Ah, can I quote you on this conversation? In my blog? ;)
Her: sure thing. do it! I dare you!
Me : Well okay then! I will! Ha! So there!

It should be noted that hours before this conversation, I'd already doubled my efforts in showing up on her stats page - performing google searches referring to mommyhoodforlara's blogging husband, as well as referring to her while signing up to a contest... the latter should have her here by the end of the day, as she was checking to see how many referrers she had just last night...

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