Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #3

... there can never be too many Wednesdays per week

Weekly Link:
Hey, did you know you can put metal in the microwave? Not forks and tin foil, of course... but a spoon in your mug will actually help prevent the liquid from superheating? I know, you're thinking April Fool's - but that was yesterday, which was a mere Tuesday.

Weekly Image:
Now why didn't we just get these Tetris shelves... oh wait, that's because they're over a $1500 for only ten pieces... different varieties at Brave Space Design

Weekly Workplace:
Today was the last day before the person I'm replacing left on her maternity leave. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing that I didn't have any further questions for her.

Weekly Meme: (random album cover)
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Weekly WTF:
Seen at a local gas station: "Buy two 'The Works' Car Washes, and get your gas at 5 cents off per litre!!!"

"Hey," I thought. "I have two cars! And on Monday the salt truck sluiced salty slush across my hood and window... so it may be a good deal!" -- Until you calculate that 5 cents per litre into about 55 litres gets you a grand total of $2.75 off... but I guess advertising "Pay full price for your gas and get two car washes for $22 instead of $25" doesn't quite have the same hook...


Lara said...

oh i know - you could build those tetris shelves for us.

Pah! $25 for 2 car washes? I'll wash 2 cars for $25 instead. no wait, I'm lazy ;)

Lida said...

You have no questions for the person you've replaced? That's my genius boy. Proven by the gas/car wash figuring :)
P.S. I'll wash cars in exchange for a grandchild visit(s)

AmyE said...

Eric, your blog is hilarious.