Saturday, April 12, 2008

Inadvertant mindwarping

Kiernan has the KORALL mobile above his change table (yes, more IKEA - he's got the stuffed fish named Sushi and the stuffed rat named Mr. Wilkinson too, now that I realize I left stuff off the list a few weeks ago...).

Last week he said "Fishies!" and I said "No, cows!" - haha, funny me.

This morning I said "Look, the fishies are spinning!" and he went "No, cows!"... the kids memory is getting good; I've just decided "Elephino" is not that great a name for the giraffe-horse-cow-hybrid stuffed toy of his.


Anonymous said...

Probably not, since you don't want people to think that he's already swearing at almost 2-years-old.

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(slightly) less cynical said...

People will already think that since he slurs "fork" a little too much...