Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #4

... located easily on the calendar between monthly Tuesday and daily Thursday...

Weekly Realization:
When my wife said "You should do a weekly thing like Rude Cactus!" I said "Sure!" and didn't really go to all the bother of checking into how consistent he is... and he's not... which is good, because scrambling at the last minute for a link, or a picture if nothing actually stood out the past week is kinda lame.

Weekly Déja Vu while Spring Cleaning:
"Man that fridge is hard to clean... I think I'll wait until another night to clean the freezer..."

Weekly Link: http://www.thecephalopodpage.org/smarts.php
Octopi only live 2 years? This is sad.

Weekly Moment of Self Pride:
Yesterday I told Kiernan that the new fruit and vegetable juice (with lettuce!) was Monkey Juice. Tonight he asked for Monkey Juice with no prompting. This in addition to my contributions to his animal sound repertoire ("What does a zombie say?" - "Aaaaaugh"; "What does a skunk say?" - "P.U!") makes me realize how fun molding tiny minds really is.

Weekly Workplace:
I'm glad I wasn't able to locate the lady in charge of the baby pool yesterday. I would have walked in there and said "Give me 2 dollars on April 17th!" (no, Lindsay, not because that's your birthday and it's such a lucky day - it's because it's 9 days past her due date)... The baby was born on the 6th, so if the pool-runner (the workplace bookie? hmm... wonder what odds she has on Holy Mackerel in the sixth...) hadn't been aware of this I would've been out a toonie...

Weekly WTF:
I was invited out to see a free preview of the movie The Ruins on Thursday, (no spoilers ahead) and it was a moment of "Wow, a horror movie that doesn't rely on cheap tricks to make you jump in your seat" - okay, they did it twice, but it was usually just gory visuals. Then the movie ended. It just... stopped. Um, no crazy twist? How did this get past test audiences without a Hollywood-esque twist? It probably ends exactly the same as the book, and what movie these days does that? Borrrring. I myself have come up with the perfect ending for the movie which would actually work, and which also ties up one of the glaring plot holes they casually glanced at, referenced, and then threw away. I bet it was in the original movie script.


(slightly) less cynical said...

... and then his blog post - it just ENDED.

Lara said...

And I have come up with the perfect ending for this post which would actually work ;) Just kidding.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is it Tuesday?

Nuzzy said...

I agree with Erin .. if "Weekly Wednesday" is on Tuesday, is "Thinking Thursday" going to be on Wednesday?