Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #6

... Coming soon: all posts will end up being Weekly Wednesdays!

Weekly Link:
I'm a bit of a colour junky when it comes to designing websites. I probably spend WAY too much time picking the perfect palette for a new website. But now Kiernan can help me out: Behold, All 120 Crayola Crayon Names and RGB Hex values!

Weekly Image(s):
I can't decide which pictures are better: The robots inside your child's toys, or what your stuffed bears look like inside-out

Weekly Rebellion of a Body Part:
My right eye keeps twitching, either due to lack of sleep or computer monitor exposure. Today the twitch has lessened, although it is a more frequent. Soon it will be a barely noticeable vibration which will drive me insane.

Weekly Way to Convince Kiernan it is Time to Go Inside:
"Kiernan, wanna watch monkeys in the house?"
(What, I'm not lying to him)

Weekly WTF:
Email spam is actually rare at work, but this one made it through... Ah yes, threatening a person in order to sell them your product - this is marketing genius!

Subject: she has already gone to hospital!!

Hello, elpidioimccasland.

Listen to me carefully, i don't know what your name is, but i'll find you and i'll cripple you, because this is you who tempted her!!!
She has already gone to hospital, you're next, this is evidence: [link removed because my mother likes to click on things spam emails tell her to]


Anonymous said...

Who has already gone to hospital?
I am dying to know. I should click the link, but sadly it has been removed...
Seriously though, I use gmail at home, but sometimes I like to amuse myself by seeing what is in the spam folder. By far, my favorite one is the one that asks me if I am tired of my same wife day after day (or something to that effect in equally, if not worse, poor grammar). I never open the email itsel, only read the subject, so I am intrigued as to what the recommended treatment is for having a boring wife - personality transplant?

Lida said...

Go ahead and put in the link. I've learned my lesson and don't click on spam any more...much ;)
Doesn't Kiernan have one of those creepy blue creature things?

Lara said...

Woah - I got sucked into that crayola stuff for far longer than expected. I love this: According to a Yale University study, the scent of Crayola crayons is among the 20 most recognizable to American adults.

Anonymous said...

not sure I've told you this, but I've told Lara... I laugh out loud when I read your blog! thanks!