Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #5

... Pah! Weekly Wednesdays do not conform to your primitive "linear timelines"

Weekly News Story Indicating I Will Live Forever:

Weekly Image:
So, very very true:

Weekly Workplace:
When working in a Children's Hospital, everyone you pass in the halls seems so happy. You get a cheery feeling when you walk to the cafe to get a cup of Starbucks. So when you walk by the kid by the MRI desk weeping inconsolably, it kinda deflates you for the rest of the day. That and the fact that Starbucks coffee sucks, but you can only get Timothy's coffee until 2pm. What's up with that?

Weekly Way to get Kiernan to eat goats-milk yogurt:

Tell him every spoonful is a different berry. "Do you want blue berry?" "Boobeyry!" "Another blueberry?" "No." "Okay, you want strawberry?" "Yess!" "Okay, now you want... dairy-berry?"


Anonymous said...

Ah Kiernan. He's such a cutie.
That Hula Hoop thing is hilarious.


Enchante said...

My friend's kids have the "No Thank You Mouthful" technique. Where their children have to have at least one mouthful of everything on their plate. Once they've had their mouthful, they don't have to continue eating it if they don't want.

Apparently it takes about 10 different times of tasting something they don't like before they start liking it.