Monday, April 28, 2008

Ah yes, a nose-ache.

I wonder how long it will take before I can ask "Why have you woken crying and refusing to calm down for forty-five minutes?" and get a response.

Hopefully before the 45 minutes have passed, of course.

Instead I had to transport him from his room, the change of scenery to another equally darkened room somehow temporarily silencing the sobs.

"Does your tummy hurt?"
"Does your mouth hurt?"
I don't know what's wrong, and he was still sniffly from crying, so I asked "Does your nose hurt?"
"YES. *giggle*"

Okay, he's going back to bed just fine, and it only took about ten minutes. I managed to get him lying down, and thinking maybe he was hot I decided to leave his door open, so the cross breeze from the bathroom window to the office would cool him. I got halfway down the stairs before I hear a sudden wailing.

"DOOR?!?!" and he's crying again. Hurray to us for incorporating the sound of the door shutting into his sleep training, so that he was inconsolable for another half hour...


Nuzzy said...

Please let me know if you solve that one :)
My 3 yr old does this pretty much every time he is woken up early from his afternoon nap. Sometimes he takes an hour until he becomes happy.
Is there a book out there or something that somehow applies logic to toddlers freaking out for no apparent reason all the time? :)

Enchante said...

*disclaimer* I am not a father but my opinion is from watching my friends raise their kids and being a primary (elementary) school teacher.

I think a lot of it depends on the routines you do before you go to bed. They are just as important. Kids like to be warned when they are going to bed.
Ok brush your teeth and after that, 5 minutes before story time and sleep.

Also, around 3 is a good time to start slowly removing the afternoon nap. This has a few benefits and cons. The con is that they are awake for an extra 1 hour or no rest time for you.
However, they will be really tired when it is close to their normal bed time, so when they do go to bed, it is really lights out.

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