Thursday, April 3, 2008

Blogger versus IKEA cabinet: DAY 4

Okay, so upon looking at the next step, the nailing of the back boards.

Eighty six nails? Really? My first instinct was to determine mathematically the proper distribution of nails.

"Haha, that would make a funny blog post!" I thought, "Or... a really lame one."

You know, now that I think about it, it would be something like, right off the top of my head 2x + 4y = 86. Counting the number of nails used along the bottom in the diagram would mean x was 10, therefore y would be 16 and a half nails.

Which explains why, since I just started hammering away, I ran out of nails and had to dig into my personal stash.

So the backboard went on (only two nails missing the wood underneath, and two other nails causing the birch laminate to buckle at the sides - maybe that's why they included the glue in the bag o parts?), the feet were nailed in, and the cupboard was stood up.

But IKEA had to ruin our plans of a crazy-kitchen setup with this image:

Fine. But when my kid crawls into the cupboard and isn't immediately ejected, I'm calling their support line to complain.

Okay, rewind to IKEA Ottawa, when we first bought the cabinets. I didn't have my cellphone. Lara's was dead. I needed to do some quick math to see if the 145 cm wide cabinet would fit diagonally in the 120x100cm space. Of course, it does, when you draw a triangle and calculate with good old Pythagoras'... but of course, that just measures the triangle made by the back of the cabinet... it's the depth of the cabinet that sticks out and, you know, blocks doorways.

Sooooo it'll be going in the rec room downstairs... and we'll have to figure out what other IKEA fits in the basement hallway - more storage than we wished for... I guess...


Lida said...

You can't have too much storage place, right? Now you need a new bigger house to fit all this storage into. Ha!

Stefan said...

Good Job! :)