Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blogger versus skunk: DAY 2

Okay, it's been a week of talk radio. So either the skunk is gone or is able to now intelligently debate subjects of a topical nature. After waiting to ensure no rain was on its way, I laid out a layer of flour at the multiple exits yesterday. This morning it was undisturbed. So it's gone.

The question now remains: Do I turn off the radio and risk the skunk coming back, or do I wait until I locate some sort of earthy fill to toss under the shed... plus we were thinking of burying chicken wire to prevent future digging, so I'd need to buy that, too... too bad I couldn't bury balloons full of jalapeno-and-onion skunk juice around the shed... any digging and POP! Skunk gets sprayed...


Lara said...

how do you know the skunk just doesn't sleep in later than you? ;)

balloons sound like a good idea - do that.

Anonymous said...

The ballons idea is hilarious. but what if you just antagonize the skunk into an out and out war?

Ah Kiernan. He's such a cutie.
That Hula Hoop thing is hilarious.


(slightly) less cynical said...

Say, Erin, did you by any change try and save time by copy-pasting your signature from your previous comment? I'm having a bit of déja vu...

Anonymous said...

I have a .txt document on my desktop (at work AND at home) with a signature... I then fine-tune it depending on where I am commenting.


Anonymous said...

... but clearly, I did not use it THAT time. ;)

bruno said...

It's very nice your blog...A little ironic too...hehehehe

Enchante said...

Really liking the blog. My friends have a similar blog.

The ikea cupboard is hilarious.

keep up the good work