Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #31

Weekly Useful Link
How to keep your fruits and veggies fresh so you don't have to throw spoiled food out all the time

Weekly Fun Link
Click your way around the Oval Office of the future of Palin as president... click some things more than once for different results...

Weekly Image... er... of text...


Weekly Video
Hey, I totally missed this last night because I was inside watching the election coverage... if you managed to see the giant UFO that the psychic lady predicted was coming could you email me pics? Cool, thanks.

Weekly Kiernan
Sometimes Kiernan will babble out some random syllables and then repeat them as if it's a word.
Today in the car he announced matter-of-factly, "Appadee! Appadee daddy!"
"Ya, Appadee."
"Maybe you're thinking of apathy?"
"You just don't care about non-imaginary words?"
"Dat's right! My appafee, daddy."

Weekly Video Update
Boy, am I embarrassed - I didn't actually watch the Weekly video all the way through to see that the UFO mothership was appearing for three whole days. I guess I just don't look up into the sky anymore. I'll catch it tomorrow.

Weekly Workplace
Six or eight weeks of asking for web page approval resulted repeatedly in "I'll look at it today, I promise." and then having it fall off the bottom of my manager's to-do list. She's busy, I know, so I sent an email letting her know I could probably set up a workflow which would send an hourly email reminder about the web pages needing approval. I also let her know that I wouldn't be able to help her set up the mail filter which would automatically redirect the reminders to the trash. Five minutes later I got a phone call with approval and a thanks for the reminder. I'm so glad I work in a place whose employees have a sense of humour.

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Enchante said...

paper scissors rock in Chinese is translated as "wrap cut hit"