Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #30

Weekly Link:
Swedish Furniture Name Generator - I am an ERYK chair, which is not so fun. Kiernan is a SKÄIRNANVIK twin bed. But it looks like you can re-enter your name to get different versions.

Weekly Video:
Take on Me (Literally)

Weekly Kiernan:
Standing on his change table, he made a move toward the picture on the wall embroidered by his aunt, which was embroidered when he was born. "Don't touch that!" we said, moving him away from arms-reach of it. "Don't touch!" he agreed. "Dat's DANgerous!"

Weekly Workplace:
When sitting in the audience at a media-covered event, be sure to sit to the right of all the ladies you work with, that way the camera coverage appearing on the news has you completely out of frame.

UPDATE: CBC's cameraman did not follow this rule, and there was a 3 second alternate camera angle with me filling the left 1/5th of the screen, mowing on gum like a cow chews cud.

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