Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #29

Weekly Link:
Let's stop scaring our kids

Weekly Image:

Weekly Kiernan:
Sometimes when he eats his food turns into animals. The shape of a soggy hole-ridden waffle will remind him of a tiger.
A bite was taken from a chicken burger and suddenly "Oh! A dinosaur!"
I'm all "Really? What does the dinosaur say?"
But instead of the usual "ROAR!!!" he says "No, that's not a dinosaur."
"What is it then?"
"OH! It's mommy at the store!"
He points to a little pointy piece that's sticking up out of the meat. "That's mommy dere."
He nods sagely, then takes a huge chomp, devouring the cash area, a couple of clothing racks, and sadly, mommy.

Weekly Music:
Regina Spektor (not the pop song you may hear on the radio)

Weekly Workplace:
IT Dept: "Hi, we're shutting down your backup server on Monday and your main server on Wednesday. Both times at 4am. So go ahead and power those down the night before. Or, for the backup server you can do that Friday and leave it off during the weekend."
Me: "Um, we kinda need those online, but apparently I have no choice. There are images on the servers that will be linked through our September e-bulletin, so I guess we'll have to send delay sending it until Monday."

Me, walking in and seeing a group of ladies gathered: "Uh, good morning?"
Them: "Where's the Internet?"
IT Dept web page: "Yeah, uh, we lost the Internet connection. This means all your servers are down too. Bell will get back to us by 10am. You can send emails out, but cannot receive any responses, so that's good news, right?"

Monday 10am:
IT Dept web page: "Bell has escalated our case and will get back to us by 11am"

Monday 4pm:
IT Dept web page: "Bell has escalated our case and will get back to us by 11am"

Me: Yay Internet! I hope IT took advantage of all that downtime yesterday so they don't have to do the Wednesday shutdown.
IT Dept: Whut?
Me: Also, the backup server you shut down Monday morning isn't responding, could you go check on that and call me back? Kinda need it.
IT Dept: ...

Me: Yay for Internet despite shutting down our servers again. Now both servers are working, so e-bulletin subscribers can enjoy the September edition. On October 1st. It's like magazine subscriptions but in reverse, you see.

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