Monday, October 27, 2008

More True Tales of Pregnancy Rage

We have a narrow cupboard to the right of our stove which would logically hold spices. Now, my sister was a Victorian Epicure consultant for a while, which is sort of a tupperware salesperson for various spices and spice mixtures. So needless to say, our spice cupboard had a lot of stacked jars in it. Lara often complained about how hard it was to find spices, but really, there's not much we can do about it... or so I thought.

One day, probably around month 7 or 8 of the pregnancy, I heard an exasperated yell from the kitchen. I peeked cautiously around the corner to see all of the jars and bags of spices being pulled from the cupboard onto the counter.

A drawer flew open - tea tea towels and wash clothes were pulled frantically out and spice jars went into their place, labeled on the lids with a sharpie marker. The tea towels and oven mitts were shoved randomly into the spice cupboard. I opened my mouth to comment on the ridiculousness of this arrangement, but her unmitigated rage heightened her hearing, and the sound of my tongue leaving the roof of my mouth caused her head to swing in my direction with a glare. I'm happy to say I walked away so the focus or her anger remained on the jars now crammed tightly into the drawer.

Months later at a gathering in our house, a highly organized (read: neat freak) friend of ours asked where she could find a towel to dry a glass. Even over the general buzz of party conversation you could hear the gasp throughout the house as she opened the cupboard.

Eventually I cobbled together a magnetic spice rack on our wall and transferred enough spices over that I was finally able to put things back to normal. This was a year and a half later, of course, after I was sure the rage levels were low.


Lara said...

I still maintain the spice drawer was a good idea. The tea towel cupboard less so - but I'd seen it done elsewhere ;)

LTP said...

You know, you can always get this little "steps" that are made for spices so that they ascend in height in your cupboard and you can read the labels and you lose MAYBE 2-3 jars worth of space putting them in. I have my "less frequently" used spices in that useless cupboard above the stove and then I have a spice drawer insert (available at some home depots and at the organization place in Trainyards) where my more frequently used spices lie on an angle and you can read them all. It's heaven - and neurotically organized.

Some kind of Wondermom said...

I agree with Lara. We have a spice drawer and it works perfectly fine! Maybe you'll get the urge to reorganize once the 'nesting' sets in.