Monday, October 6, 2008

Dodo in mommy's bed?

Lately Kiernan has been waking up in the middle of the night and requesting "Dodo in mommy's bed?" Technically it's my bed too, but I assume since I'm awake and dealing with him while Lara's still in said bed, possibly (maybe) waking up too, she has current ownership.

"No. Dodo in Kiernan's bed. You don't sleep in mommy's bed." I say this so his replying wailing will actually bring Lara up out of her sleep of the dead (but really, that's not why).

His insistence, of course, lands him between the Lara and I. I wouldn't mind this arrangement at all, except our bed in his mind does not equate itself to a location in which to sleep.

He must knows that if he's quiet we'll let him stay in the bed, so he'll be silent as long as he can, until out of nowhere it is decided a loud exclamation of "The doggie's not barking now!" is in order.

After much threatening of return to his own bed, he quiets down... I start to drift off... but I wonder if he's really asleep or whether I'll be on the verge of falling asleep and he'll start singing the alphabet as if he were a cow (Everybody now - Moomoo moomoo moomoomoo...) or decide to crawl sideways across the pillows and wake me up again. So just to make sure, I open my eyes.

And a second after I see him staring owl-like into my eyes, he decides it would be a good idea to stick a soother in my eye.

Luckily he only wails for a few minutes before falling to sleep in his own bed.

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the best sister ever said...

I did the meme you tagged me for. I know you don't know that because you don't read my blog, you bum.