Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Of course I watch television, I just know it as Treehouse TV

Parents, go dig through your DVD collection and pull out the original episode of Dora the Explorer, episode 101: Legend of the Big Red Chicken.

First off, how's that for a pilot episode title?

Okay, now put it on the TV and... holy crap, did they even pay those poor animators?

I mean, there are scenes where Boots is just standing there and instead of just using the same frame to keep him still they've got his head bobbing slightly, mouth wandering around his face like The Map told it "Right cheek... forehead... chin!"

Now fast forward to the end to see the birth stages of the now-standard "We Did It" dance... they must have told the animators "Draw it like Dora is doing the Hustle, only tone it down on the whole logical-limb-structure."

Okay, so you may not have the episode, so just mute your speakers to avoid this failed attempt at funny audio dubbing using episode footage of opening scenes:

Now I know why they rarely have Dora turn her head away from 3/4 profile. Freaky. Football. Head.

Honestly, I haven't seen such inconsistent character design since episode 308 - "Meet Diego".

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