Tuesday, October 21, 2008

True Tales of Pregnancy RAAAAAGE!!!!!!!

If you don't read my wife's blog (and if so, why not?) then you don't know that Kiernan is expecting a baby brother or baby sister come June 2009. But really, he is hoping for a baby blue monkey.

Now, when Lara was pregnant with Kiernan, she had "morning" sickness. Morning is in quotation marks because the nausea lasted most of the day, and continued throughout the entire pregnancy. She was on medication which kept her slightly less sick in exchange for a constant state of fatigue, giving me plenty of time to play video games (ask me how many video games I've played since!).

We were told that sometimes pregnancies differ, but not so much this time so far, although the nausea is a little less. One thing I'm hoping will change with this pregnancy is a tiny little bit of hormones that affected Lara occasionally (read: a lot) giving her a major case of Pregnancy Rage.

This was an anger that would simmer below the surface, mostly caused by her dissatisfaction at work, bubbling forward at random moments. I have two stories, the better of which I will save for another post.

I was working from home when a message blipped on my MSN - It was Lara. She was responsible for the content of a web page where she worked, and she began telling me about a photo that the management wanted on the front page. The picture infuriated her. She told them she HATED the photo but her arguments fell on deaf ears. I'm assuming she then slammed her way into her office, knocking pictures askew on the wall as she went.

"Look at how terrible this photo looks!" she typed as she directed me to the altered front page.

I looked, and typed back "It's all blurry... what's up with the weird photoshopped effects? I agree, that's totally a crappy picture." There. Good job. Offer support, keep anger directed away from yourself.

There was a pause, then "That's NOT the photo I'm talking about."

Shit. "Uh... ohhh! You mean the picture across the banner... right, right, totally a stupid photo."

My computer speakers nearly developed a frosty rime from the silence that followed.


Enchante said...

It's a good thing that human's do not remember pain and suffering very well (well...except those that survived wars). But it's a good thing cause otherwise we would never have more than 1 kid.

Lara is going to go thru rage, morning sickness a.k.a. all through the day sickness, and take meds again.

Eric has to get randomly verbally abused by his wife (again) and pray to whatever god he believes in, that Kieran's birthday wish of a blue monkey does not come true!

Monique said...

I'm adding you to my blogroll as I have a total fetish with dad blogs especially when they are expectant fathers too. ;) Can't wait to hear your side of the story! And, CONGRATS!

Tracey said...

Oooohh... Pregnancy rage. It's real and it's not to be trifled with.

Congratulations on the pregnancy!