Monday, December 1, 2008


Two weeks ago, my mind was running through worst-case scenarios (thanks dad!) of having two kids rooms side by side. What if one child wakes up the other? Well, that's easy, Lara would likely go to the baby for feeding time, and I'd comfort Kiernan. Hurray!

Of course, with twins, I'm not quite sure how things will go... yesterday Kiernan slept through the vacuum cleaner roaring away, so perhaps he'd sleep through the wailing of twins... then again last night he woke up twice for no logical reason - would he be able to fall back asleep if he wakes the babies?

Another thing that has changed dramatically due to the new twinformation is our car. Back at the start of the year we decided to get a second car, but minivans proved to be higher priced than we were willing to pay. Enter the Mazda 5 - seats six semi-comfortably, and the backmost seats fold down for trunk space. Of course, there's no bench seating, so you can't squeeze three car seats across the width of the car. Fine, I thought, Kiernan can fit in the backmost seat, he'd probably think that was fun... Shopping for strollers last week, we realized that having him in the back cuts our trunk space in half, and fitting three kids plus strollers plus bags plus groceries? Not going to happen.

We're gonna need a bigger vehicle. Especially since we'll need to transport a caffeine IV drip system.