Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanks for the congrats, who the hell are you?

So I got a call last night as I was driving to pick Kiernan up from daycare.

"I want Zatar Bread." the demanding plea came.

So after grabbing Kiernan, we drove up to the Lebanese place to buy spiced bread for the the twin-laden lady.

As I walked up to the cash, the owner/chef in the back called out "Hello there! Congratulations!"

"Thanks!" I auto-replied, then thought Do I know this guy?

The cashier bagged up my order and asked, rather excitedly, "Did you just have a baby?"

"No, we're expecting twins!" Does Lara secretly come here often? Would it have been mentioned while scouting store locations? That doesn't make sense...

"Oh, wow! I just found out I was pregnant and we get to go find out the details next week. Wow, twins. Are there twins in your wife's family?"

"Congratulations!" Does the owner shop at Lara's store? If so, how would he know who I am? "No, there aren't twins on either side, it just came out of nowhere."

"Oh..." she looked mildly panicked, "I hope I'm only having one... if it's twins it would be great, I'd be happy, but right now..."

"Yeah, it'll definitely be an experience!" He kind of looks like the guy who used to live in the house my grandmother rented... why would an Italian guy be running a Lebanese place? I suppose the local Vietnamese place is run by a Lebanese family, so maybe...

As my purchase was rung up, the owner came out and explained that when I had come in the door, the cashier had rushed to the cash so fast that he had assumed I was her husband, who she had mentioned was coming in for dinner. He congratulated me on the twins anyway.