Thursday, December 11, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #39

Weekly Link: needs to work on their giftwrapping logic...

Weekly Image:

When we get a bigger house I definitely want one of these...(from Book Patrol)

Weekly Drum Song:
I haven't had the time to rifle through my CDs for a new selection, but when "Virtual Insanity" by Jamiroquai came on the radio Kiernan announced "OHHHHHHHH! I LIKE DIS SONG DADDY!" ... Between Lara and I, I don't think this falls into either of our tastes in music.

Weekly Workplace:
We got a gift basket from a partner company this week - between the time the email was posted announcing the treats in the kitchen and the time I moseyed up there (about 5 minutes) all of the Jack Daniels filled chocolates were gone. It was not that a small bag.

Also in the basket was flavoured coffee, which was brewed this morning... I poured some into my cup and added some cream and thought "I usually put cream in my cup first, so I can't remember -- Cream rises to the top, sure, but does it usually just sit there like that?" Have I mentioned I'm a coffee drinker amongst tea drinkers? I guess someone didn't realize coffee was supposed to be so... thick.... It even took a while going down the drain after I took a taste.

Weekly WTF:
On the radio this morning there was an addendum to the traffic news: "... and we just got a call regarding an accident on Lawn at Ancaster." Okay, hold up, what? Where?

You see, that's the neighbourhood I grew up in, near where my parents still live. The intersection in question is a residential area, removed from major roads by at least two sidestreets. Did someone involved call it in? Did someone look out their front window and say "Gee, I'd better let the radio stations know about this so people can plan alternate routes!"
Thanks to you, intrepid listener, I'm sure traffic-paralyzing gridlock was avoided entirely, and you got to tell everyone "My accident report made it on the radio!"