Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #38

Weekly Link:
10 Jobs You Didn’t Hear About On Career Day - Some people have been inferring my job must be #4, but they should read the description to see the differences.

Weekly Image:
You know the scene in Princess Bride, where Fezzik is climbing the cliffs of insanity with a harness designed to carry three people around his body? I'm going to need one of those.

"1 giant dude to carry babies around for us." has been added to my xmas list.

Weekly Kiernan:
Last week I stopped to get a haircut before going to Grammie's where Kiernan was spending the day. I entered the house and heard Kiernan excitedly go "Who's that?"
My mother replied "Go see!"
Before coming around the corner, Kiernan yelled "Daddydaddydaddy!" and upon seeing me, his eyes went wide: "Who's that?!?" He did the best double-take ever and then realized, "Daddy!"
This evening, I walked in the same door and he ran up and yelled "Where's daddy's hair go?!"

Weekly 'Nother Drum Song:
Mommy tried introducing alternatives to drum songs in the car. First she went Celtic with "fiddle songs" by Leahy. Then she put in random unlabeled CD #17, which turned out to be a collection of songs from Gilbert and Sullivan musicals. The latter CD was amusing to me only because Kiernan seemed to enjoy it, but Lara got sick of each song about a minute in and hit fast-forward. After a weekend of such music, I had to counter with my ultimate in driving music, (which Kiernan enjoyed thoroughly): theSTART.

Weekly Twins:
Because there aren't twins in either side of our family, the term for our situation is "spontaneous twins". It's almost like I had nothing to do with it.