Monday, December 8, 2008

"I'm. Gonna. KILL you!"

Dinner was later than normal, the pork roast taking forever to cook, and Kiernan was getting antsy, even refusing to be stuffed with fried potatoes. The statement was made to no one in particular, and he continued babbling on about unrelated topics. Lara and I exchanged glances and then quietly discussed whether or not he knew what he was saying. Maybe it was another gibberish statement that sounded coincidentally like real words? Yeah, that's it.

Of course, then he repeated a few times the next day in the store. We sat him down, looked him in the eye and said that was not a nice thing to say. Try explaining that to a two year old and see how far that gets you.

We went to a restaurant, which had an aquarium up front that was good for walking to to look at when Kiernan got impatient with sitting at a table. First thing he said was "Ooh! That big fish is gonna kill me!" We sat him down and explained to him that A) no one is going to kill him and B) seriously, stop using that verb. He must have gotten half of that because the next visits to the tank involved the phrase "Big fish isn't gonna kill me Daddy!"

We haven't watch any TV but Treehouse in the past two years, so unless Toupy and Binou have been going all Reservoir Dogs when I'm not in the room, it's likely that this phrase has been picked up from the older kids at daycare. I'll show THEM killing*.

* ironic joke.