Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #20

... Weekly Wednesdays - now on Wednesdays...

Weekly Image:
Awkward, indeed...

Weekly Video:
Another movie trailer, one which makes me cry happy tears at how awesome (and accurate to the source material) it looks, yet also makes me cry sad tears because I hope they don't screw up the plot too much. Terry Gilliam once said Watchmen couldn't work as a movie unless it was 3 and a half hours long. Or a 12 part TV miniseries. How they will put this all into what is likely going to be only 2.5 hours I know not.

Weekly Search Engine:
Google, because Cuil is crap.

Weekly WTF:
Seriously, when the front page of a search on "(slightly) less cynical" turns up Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan fiction ("Rated NC-17 for language, adult themes, and much heavy breathing between the Slayer and her undead paramour.") then your search engine is shit.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe the place pictured in your weekly photo/image is for one really well-endowed person. You know, the cliche of guys bragging about having "twice as much" to offer... perhaps someone out there really does.
Or maybe it's for conjoined twins - a far more likely scenario, now that I think about it.