Thursday, July 10, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #17

... apparently now on Thursdays...

Weekly Images:
I wonder what people in these towns do to spice up their lives, y'know, to make themselves feel like they're living on the edge...

Weekly Link:
How many cannibals could your body feed?
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Weekly Art:
If you like comics, and you like zombies (cue Kiernan: "AUUUH!"), the Walking Dead series is a must-read. Robert Kirkman is an amazing writer who knows how to go "Hey, what would readers least expect next?" and then suddenly out jumps another zombie which kills off a main character. So needless to say, after 8 trade paperbacks I wasn't expecting to be shocked if anyone died in my newly-arrived book 9. Now that I'm finished reading, I feel zombie-like myself with shock. Excellent read, too bad the next trade paperback won't be out for a while.

Weekly Workplace:
So suddenly I'm not able to import reports into Excel, with a big review meeting in two days. The Excel plugin, which usually pops up with a list of reports, freezes Excel completely, requiring multiple End-tasks. So I call the system support and while I'm on the phone with them I notice that if I'm logging in as anyone but the role of Administrator the list pops up fine. They're confused as to why this could be, because the software isn't dependent on roles for this sort of thing. So they say to leave it with them. Sneaky me decides to grant permission to the two reports I need to pull to a different role, but suddenly only the simplest reports can be pulled. The backup server pulls reports just fine, but it's 12 hours behind and doesn't contain the up-to-date data I need. Needless to say, my Weekly Wednesday was spent MANUALLY creating these reports in Excel, and thus did not have time to surf the net for pretty pictures and links. But now I'm the hero of the day... AGAIN... Let's hope they remember this in January when the budget comes up and they decide whether they can keep me on. ;)


Jenny said...

I checked out the crazy cliff pics and realized I had been to the first one - Ronda. It's the home of bullfighting. anyhoo, there is actually a jail built between the two sides of the gorge and prisoners to be executed would be "dropped" into the gorge. Much neater than a beheading, I guess.

Enchante said...

zombie comic sounds about a synopsis?