Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weekly Wednesaturday #19

Weekly Link/Image:
Her: "You don't use an RSS feed?"
Me: "No, I just remember the links I regularly visit."
Her: " What if you forget one?"
Me: "Then I remember a few days later and go 'Yay, more to read!'"
... or in this case, on Saturday I realized I forgot about Wonderella for ten months and had fun catching up...

Weekly Workout:
Chasing a 22-month-old through the tunnels, ladders and slides of Cosmic Adventures.

Weekly Injuries:
Skinned knees and elbows due to too-fast slides while chasing a 22-month old through the tunnels, ladders and slides of Cosmic Adventures.

Weekly Workplace:
None. Vacation time!

Weekly Whoops:
Trying to post a Weekly Wednesday while trying to get ready for vacation, then having the draft autosave feature of Blogger fail and then going "Okay, I'll retype it when we're in Montreal" but not realizing the kid would be sleeping in the computer room while there. Soooooo yah.


Enchante said...

why does a 22 month old kid being in the computer room matter? Have a lil lamp and do your thing!

My friends kids sleep through anything and everything. When the kids were 3 and 1. The 1 year old cried loudly (parents leave them for 10 mins and get them if they still cry afterwards) and the 3 year old didn't even flinch.

(slightly) less cynical said...

Unfortunately, all children are not created equal, and my kid would wake up... and likely have even more trouble falling asleep due to airplanes flying over us every two minutes...