Sunday, July 13, 2008

Noise laws should start at 7:30pm.

Me, two years ago, shortly after dusk:

"Hey, someone seems to be setting off fireworks in the neighbourhood! I wonder if we can see anything from here!"

Me, these days, shortly after dusk:

"Kiernan finally gets to sleep and some assclown is setting off fireworks?! Don't they know this is a family neighbourhood? What holiday is it anyway, national make babies cry day?"


Lara said...

*chuckle* ;)

Lida said...

When you were little it was always the garbage truck that caused the same reaction in me..:)

Katie Valentine said...

Hah! Last summer, while I was 7 months pregnant, Husband had to physically restrain me from trying to break up the party next door. So instead of storming over there in my giant pregnancy jeans, I called the cops, and signed up for the AARP.