Thursday, July 3, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #16

... delayed by one Weekly Day due to Canada Day... just like garbage pickup!

Weekly Link:
This would piss off soooo many people if we had it in our bedroom.

Weekly Image:

Weekly Business Tip:
Dear Loblaws Grocery Store; If your kiwis are so out of season that they taste like old eggs, don't include them in your fruit flan.

Weekly Note to Self:
You don't like it in the first place, so don't eat fruit flan just to be polite.

Weekly WTF:
Don't you hate it when you start a book and don't realize it's the conclusion to an entire series and when things start wrapping up you're like "Um. Why did they just kill that person off? ... uh... why is the title of this chapter 'Sixty Years From Now'? Wait, wait now, that's IT?!"


Lara said...

i'm pretty good at hitting snooze, if i hit snooze does it still call people? ;) (because I know you meant people would get called cuz *I* wasn't waking up :)

(slightly) less cynical said...

Yup, ever three minutes even if you hit snooze... and the past few days I've woken up after 40 minutes of unknowingly hitting snooze...