Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #15

... Weekly Wednesday is one of the seven days you can say on television.

Weekly Link:

34 Extraordinary Uses for Lemons

Weekly Image:

Weekly Video:
It's been a long time since I've seen a trailer for a movie that makes me instantly want to watch it again. So much has been crammed into it without spoiling the movie. I must see this movie. Larger version can be viewed here

Weekly Memorization (Kiernan, not me):
22 of 26 letters of the alphabet, in the correct order!
Strangely enough, counting to twelve remains elusive, so we're attempting to sing it along with that pinball machine song from Sesame Street.

Weekly so sad:
I remember summer days 15 or so years back, sitting on a friend's back porch, crouched by a stereo turned down low, having to rewind the cassette every few minutes because we were laughing so hard to hear. I remember waiting at a bus stop with a friend (whose laugh was so loud and unique you could literally hear it from half the school away and go "Hey, there's Emily!") who almost peed her pants in hysterics as we shared my earphones. I remember hoping that my nephew would be born on the 18th of January so I could gain possession of the concert tickets my parents had received for christmas that year (he stuck it out one more day, which proves he was practicing to be a troublemaker while in utero, and my parents came back into town for the show). George Carlin, you will be remembered.

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Enchante said...

great to hear your son is getting on with the alphabet. if you want your son to read from an early age, the most important thing to do is read to him.

anyways, i moved my blog
(change blogroll please ^_^)

fantasybookspot is a great website, it has forums/reviews of all kinds of books, you should check it out since you do read (it even includes comics)