Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #14

... best. Weekly Wednesday. Ever.

Best Weekly Link:
Coffee Drinkers Have Slightly Lower Death Rates
That damn photographer jumped out the kitchen window before the caffeine kicked in and I noticed him standing there.

Best Weekly Image:

Best Weekly Video:
Yay centre of gravity tricks!

Best Weekly Workplace:
T-minus two days until I will be the top of the knowledge chain in the software I learned only three months ago... Please do not worship the guru (but bring him muffins)!

Best Weekly WTF:
My initially planned WTF was "The flop was Q6A. I had Q4. You checked. I bet five times the big blind and you folded. But then you showed your hand, and it was A6?!" but then my WTF took a better turn.

You see, I don't spend my money on much these days other than online poker. I don't put that much in each month, but I can't seem to build a bankroll. So, after my latest Pokerstars account went bust, I decided to take advantage of an offer I'd heard about. Basically, through a referral system, you sign up to one of five or six poker sites, fulfill the site requirements, and you get two good books and three not-so-popular books from 2plus2 publishing. I researched, and found the easiest requirements were as follows:

1. Deposit $50.
2. Play one cash game.
3. Wait for the invite to choose your books.

After step 3, I could withdraw my cash and put it back into Pokerstars. So on Saturday, I signed up.

Of course, my attitude became "Hey, I'm getting $100 worth of books, I may as well play more than the single game." The site seemed full of European players, and it takes ages to find a game to play, but for some reason I started kicking their asses. I discovered the $5.50 tables paid $9 for second place and $21 for first, and soon I was actually up by half my initial deposit. Are Europeans not as into poker as North Americans?

Then it hit me - These people are in time zones 6-8 hours ahead. I'm catching the people who may be pulling all-nighters, grinding away at the tables.

Exhausted Poker Degenerates! I have an edge!

This evening the tables were pretty empty as usual, and after busting out in last place of a 6-seated sit'n'go, I glanced into the Tournament area and noticed a 5.50 buy-in game starting in 12 minutes. Only a few people had signed up, so I figured why not. By the time the game started, there were 96 people with the top ten positions getting paid out.

I actually made the final table.

I actually became the chip leader with $45,000 in chips. Second place had $21,000.

I actually made a mistake with 4 people left (hey, 4th place got $46, which was pretty good, so why not push all in) and ended up with $3000 in chips when someone called and won.

I actually doubled up. Twice. Soon I was chip leader again with $75K.

Then I won first place and took down $169.50.

Okay, no more poker talk... until next time I kick European ass.

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erin (at) jewellybyerin (dot) com said...

Good on you for finding your poker niche! Hope you win big... multiple times.