Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"... like the Adobe Suite... and Bejeweled... and backups of my YouTube haxx0ring vlog..."

A man sits in a car, his attache case open - but no, it's not an attache case, but a laptop! And not just any laptop - "more sophisticated technology than the average hacker with a few thousand dollars and the address of the nearest Computer City could buy" -- we're talking password AND fingerprint recognition, folks! AND it can access the Internet through a mobile phone no larger than a deck of cards!

Days later, an attractive (is there any other kind?) female hacker hunches over her desktop computer (with a MasterPiece Surge Protector between the PC and the monitor, no less!) tapping her way into the "dee-oh-dee" databases. Oh, did I mention she's in the middle of the Mojave Desert under a tarp? Yeah, she is. Her companion, who was until recently unconscious, glances at her setup and asks "How many megabytes?"

"Not mega. Giga. Ten gigabytes."

"You need all that space?"

"Some of the programs I use are pretty damn complex. They fill up a lot of space."

Oh, how I love finding technical jargon in books written in the 90s...

side note: has Dean Koontz written any books that didn't have a dog as a primary or secondary character?

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Anonymous said...

This ALWAYS makes me laugh. Even better are the episodes of X-files where the lone gunmen brag about their AWESOME technologies. Yeah, the same technologies that I have on my home laptop... so I can play solitaire whilst watching TV. AND, I don't even need a cell phone the size of a deck of cards to connect to the internet.
A deck of cards, that's one HUGE cell phone.