Monday, June 16, 2008

Pay more for faulty technology!

Two years ago, a crackling static began emitting from the smoke detector wired into the ceiling of the upstairs hallway. According to Canadian law, you're supposed to have one smoke detector per level of your house. We had the one upstairs and one downstairs (still working, despite multiple layers of paint implying its age) so I took this opportunity to purchase two new alarms.

The first was installed in the kitchen, of the variety that does not get set off by normal cooking, sold at a reasonable price. The upstairs was a combination smoke and CO2 detector, of which the price gave us pause in the store.

"That's pretty expensive." my wife noted.
"Well, it's got both features, plus blah blah blah reading the box blah blah and I as you well know am ├╝ber paranoid, especially with a baby on the way." So we bought it.

Then, suddenly, three piercing chirps filled the air after a night of cooking spicy Indian food.

What's this yellow light mean? Why is it labeled SERVICE? I'll check First Alert's website.

This Means... You Should...
1. The device is not working properly, and needs to be replaced. 1. Units under warranty should be returned to manufacturer for replacement. See "Limited Warranty" in your user's manual for details.

Okay, so let me get this straight. Elsewhere on the site, you say alarms should be replaced every ten years, but now should my higher end alarm suddenly conk out a year out of warranty, your advice is "Give us more money"?

No thanks, I'll be buying a sensor without the yellow "random vindaloo malfunction" light.


Enchante said...

will it set off the alarm when you have the ring of fire? =P

(slightly) less cynical said...

Not anymore it won't... but we make our vindaloo milder than even North American restaurants do. :)