Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #12

... whose bright idea was it to make Wednesdays weekly, anyhow...

Weekly Image:

Weekly Link:
I honestly have not read this article yet, purely for comedic effect:

Weekly Video:
Math + inappropriate puns =

Bo Burnham New Math - Watch more free videos

Weekly Workplace:
I just discovered an under-shelf lamp in my desk. Now I can turn off the super bright overhead lights and become a cave dweller!

Weekly Wired:
It's Tim Hortons Camp Day! Proceeds of coffee and tea bought today goes toward sending kids to camp, so work bought a couple dozen medium coffees/teas for us today. I'm a coffee drinker in a sea of tea sippers, so guess who's drinking the leftover coffee! Wheeee!

Weekly WTF:
Autsaving was not doing its job while posting this blog post.


Enchante said...

that video was horrible.

show me more of that trash and i'll have your head on a platter! and to show you i mean it, i won't even clean the platter i used on the last guy!

rudecactus said...

The newspaper clippings are hilarious!