Saturday, September 20, 2008

Woman's True Sexual Responsibility

The following excerpts are from Chapter 4 of The Manual of Hygiene - Father and Son by M.A. Horn.

Woman's True Sexual Responsibility

(Though short, this chapter should be very enlightening!)

Most divorces reaching the courts are instituted by women against men. Most often the cause given is that the husband found "another woman," one who apparently gave him better sexual satisfaction. The husband is held entirely to blame, both by the court and by the friends and acquaintances of the couple. If the truth were known, probably in more than half these cases the wife was as much or more to blame than the husband.

(I am curious as to how M.A. Horn, the Nation's Favourite Author managed to not even have his biography on Wikipedia entry. I want to know more about this classy guy.)

Perhaps she was taught in her childhood and adolescence that the sex act was not "nice" - that it would be a most degrading think if she were to act as if she enjoyed it.
Any husband who allows his wife to entertain such ideas after he has married her, has only himself to blame if his marriage does not measure up to what he thinks it should be. Also, if you are one of those men (and if you are, you constitute the great majority) who think only of their own self gratification and give no thought to that of your wife, you are at fault. You are at fault if you bungle the art of love, if you are too hasty in your love making and if you have failed to educate your wife in the matter of sex.

(Okay, so let's recap the math: Over half the time, the woman is to blame, and the great majority of the time the man is at fault. Got it.)

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