Friday, September 5, 2008

At least I wasn't trying "pi r squared" again....

"One. plus. one. is. twoooo!" came out of nowhere during bathtime.
"What's that?" I asked.
"One plus one is twoo!"

This, I figured, must be mimicry, learned from the kids at daycare or through They Might Be Giants lyrics. I had to test him, so I tried the second line from the song to see: "Two plus two is...?"

I was completely ignored, so I prompted "Four", which he repeated. We continued on to four plus four ("twoooo") and eight plus eight (an attempt to capsize the captain in his floating hippo).

Perhaps just from daycare then... are they adding one to other numbers? "What's two plus one, Kiernan?" No response, so I brought in the heavy weaponry: "Okay, we have two fishes here, and one fish here. How many is two fishes plus one fish?"

"Thassa turtle though."

"No, the turtle is over there. These three are all fishes."

"Stop trying to teach him math." Lara instructed out from the next room, so we stuck with near and far for the rest of bathtime.

(update: as I typed this blog post I asked what one plus one is, and the sum is now up to "four cars")


Enchante said...

Ok, your wife is right. Stop teaching him maths. He went from 1+1=2 to 1+1=4

your doing a terrible job

nutmeg said...

My son will only say one number, so we give him math problems like, what's the square root of four or what's 200 minus 198? It really pleases the crowds. He also only says the letter 'e' and the color blue...