Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #28

Weekly Link:
The Little Mermaid gets her tongue cut out, can't get the prince, and dies, turning to sea foam (she turns into a maid of the air, but dead is dead. Practically everyone in the Hunchback of Notre Dame - dead. At least in Disney's Snow White the queen died, but they still should have kept with the original death - her feet were forced into heated iron shoes and she danced until she fell down dead. Disney can't even stop themselves with the bowdlerization of their own materials - we had a 101 Dalmatians book in which Cruella De Vil wanted not a puppy fur coat, but to have the biggest dalmatian puppy circus in the world. Seriously? Screw that.
I don't want my kid growing up thinking we can put Humpty Dumpty back together again "if we wish real hard". This is a common rant I have, which has been brought up to the forefront of my mind after reading this: Fear of Fairy Tales

Weekly Image:
Vintage ads are hilarious. If you look up 1515 W. Hart Ave on google maps, the closest match it finds in street view is a back alley.

Weekly Workplace:
Wow. Seriously. I don't want to talk about it.

Weekly Kiernan:
We were at my mother's the other day, getting ready to leave, when she offered to change his diaper. Score! Anyhow, as she removed his dirty diaper, he exclaimed "I'm all done pooping!" My mother asked "All done peeing too?" and he squinched his eyes in the way he does when he's sitting on the potty, and you could tell he was really trying. Luckily for my mother, he was in fact done.

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